Interactive Guides

WalkMe ActionBot

The WalkMe ActionBot understands what people want to do within the Workday system – and automates tasks for them!

The WalkMe ActionBot actually helps you complete an action within the Workday system by asking you a series of questions and then using your responses to autofill fields in the business process you selected.

The ActionBot can help you complete the following Workday business processes: Flu Vaccination Attestation, Change My Home Contact Information, COVID-19 Telecommute Request, Initiate Change Order, Cell Phone Allowance, Request One-Time Payment, and Update Payment Elections.

To get help completing any of the business processes mentioned above, just click the ActionBot to get started!


How to Use the WalkMe ActionBot:

  • Once the WalkMe plug-in is installed, a WalkMe ActionBot icon will be visible at the bottom-right of the Workday web page. Just click on the ActionBot to get started. See the image below for reference:

WalkMe Smart Walk-Thrus

WalkMe Smart Walk-Thrus are interactive, navigational guides within Workday that explain Workday business processes (BPs) in an intuitive manner. These interactive guides initially complement existing tip sheets and, eventually, will replace them.

In order to use WalkMe, you'll need a plugin for your computer:


  • If you have a centrally-managed PC, WalkMe for Workday was installed automatically.
  • If your PC is not centrally-managed, you have a Mac, or you would like to install the plugin yourself, please click here.
  • If you need help with this process, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at: (305) 284-6565 or

Once the plugin is installed, a WalkMe icon will be visible next to your browser search window, and an orange Need Help? icon on your Workday page will open a drop-down menu of the available guides. See the image below for reference:

Start using WalkMe for Workday today—and experience Workday in an exciting new way!